A bit of history

Plastiservice is a company founded by Luciano Meloda in 1999.

Eight years later, in 2007, Mr. Meloda left his most important entrepreneurial intuition in the hands of his three sons.


Today, the company‚Äôs production plant expands over 1300 square meters, with a convenient access to the loading and unloading area and a large warehouse, which allows us to always keep at the customer’s disposal packaging, processed and semi-finished products.


Plastiservice can assist his customers through all the phases of production, from idea development and manufacturing, to testing and creating products.

Great attention to the construction of models and systematic monitoring of the processes are the main features of the company.

In addition to our professional competences, we have also an adequate understanding of relevant rules, regulations, codes and guidelines, in order to provide the most elevated qualitative standards.

The result is a company that works with seriousness and professionalism, ensuring the reliability of all its products and all its services.

Operating sector

Plastic molding
Assembly and packaging department